A Little Over Scribbling


You know I’ve been here for years and I whenever I try to get back on the game of blogging I just couldn’t find the reason I am here for. I keep my thoughts so private the only audience I have is myself. Yet most of the times, I complain why nobody seems to get what I am saying. Maybe I need more adjectives in my vocabulary to deliver my message, but the thing that keeps me lull is, “What message would I want to send?” It seems like I am overthinking the free thoughts that come into my head and they mash up inside my head like a wild tornado. I have to catch every word, every thought and a sense of coherence with massive effort.

“The only antidote to the unnerving effects of such incoherence is integrity. People and organizations with integrity are wholly themselves. No aspect of self stands different or apart. At their center is clarity, not conflict. When they go inside to find themselves, there is only one self there.”
Margaret Wheatley