Shakes My Head

While I was in a commuter van bound for work, this guy was tugging the left side of my chest trying to hook whatever article of clothing lying underneath my office blouse.

I took a good long look at this face for recognition and sensing my cognizance of his lasciviousness, he poised himself and folded his hands at his lap.

I was tempted to make a scene there, but I digressed. Instead, I took my phone, made sure he was looking real good at it while I type,

“The Human Centipede? Was inspired from trying to figure out a punishment for child molesters. Maganda din siguro sa mga rapists.”

Stoic as he was, he continued breathing normally beside me.

As for me, I crossed my arms and found a sitting position wherein he can’t touch me and when one passenger alighted I fenced my bag between him and I and glared at him for a minute.

Because unless you EXPRESSLY say or act that YOU DONT WANT THAT, the creep will continue whatever he’s doing thinking, “hey she’s okay with it”.

Please do not let fear, pride, intimidation run through your head at times like this! Call him (or her) out and make a scene. Because you will regret it if you did not fend for youself.

PS (Hindi maliit na bagay ang “tyansing”)