Some Habits of Happy Couples | PositiveMed

I was browsing through positivemed from Lemon Water Benefits to How To Prevent Your Boobs Sagging (it’s interesting), I stumbled upon this:

Some Habits of Happy Couples

Funny thing about it is that a single remarkable line struck me like lightning. “Its not only about approaching the other, but being approachable as well, trying consciously not to build walls.

Well that is one thing I am good at and terribly failed my relationships. (Sorry guys :s) I think the only people I am truly open to are my parents, my best friend, and a close knit HS friend. I have always been grateful for them but when I think about it now, I am responsible for keeping them “happy” too. The relationship we have takes conscious effort to keep them happy.

Well, I should engrave this to my mind when the good guy comes around. ♥





Kawasaki Flower Origami

Kawasaki Rose Origami

Before I proceed, this is not a tutorial on how to make this origami rose/ flower.


Much to my regret, and no matter how many times I try to make ANY decent origami, no amount of (lazy) practice can make my hand produce such kind of handiwork. My office-mate has been giving me this origami rose. At first I thought this was an ordinary paper-fold, but then he told me to “blow” on it and EUREKA! What a gem! It swirls as you blow on it. I can’t believe just how amazing this origami is. I keep them on a box to protect them from flattening. Once they’ve flatten, they can’t swirl no matter how hard you blow on them. When I feel bad I just stare at them swirling and somehow everything goes calm inside. I had to learn this for myself.

Brendon & Sarah Hospital Dream

7 Reasons We Love Brendon Urie

BRENDON URIE – Tricking the world with a sense of poise and rationality since 2005, And it’s his birthday tomorrow !! So I give you the top 7 reasons why we put up with him (just kidding 😉 )

1. He’s the voice behind Panic! At The Disco

Gone are the days of lengthy [and irrelevant] song titles but his positive hardcore thursdays and clean falsettos don’t fail to seep to our bones and soul.

2. He’s a musical genius.

It has always been said that Brendon can master any instrusment he laid his hands onto for the first 5 minutes. I don’t doubt it. We don’t doubt it.

3. He vines likes a Hollywood pro.

See for yourself. 

4. He’s in love.

He loves Sarah so much he made a song for her. They met while touring for Pretty. Odd. At that time, Sarah is seeing another guy. They met again 8 months later and everyting is history. How many of you got real excited about Brendon and Sarah’s wedding? Okay, I know some of you don’t want to admit it, but they’re so cute together all you gotta do is swoon.

5. He likes DOGS

I’m actually not sure if he likes babies more than dogs. I hope he does like babies, though.



6. He never said a word against Jon and Ryan.

Jon Walker and Ryan Ross are two of the four founding members of Panic! At The Disco. Since they left on 2009, fans have speculated other reasons for their departure. (Ryden exists, duh!?) But all of them kept their ground saying they departed for having varied musical preferences.

7. Panic! At The Disco is touring!!!!

Though the departure of Jon and Ryan (read above) and the of latest and most surprising hiatus of Spencer Smith, the original members of P!ATD only has Brendon Urie now and the band is kicking it! Bigtime! I can only thank God for his dedication in his music and love for his craft.


How about you? What do you love about Brendon?

* If you’re from the PH, Please join us at Panic! At The Disco Philippines



To stop unnecessary internet data and time, I decided to block person from my Facebook. I always end up in person’s account anyway and ugh the guilt I feel afterwards.

What I did was I open 2 tabs- one for person’s account and the other for enabling Facebook blocking. So right after putting person in the “block” list, I refreshed person’s FB account page and saw this ^. Sweet. ♥

I’d more likely forget I put person in that list. It’s just all about me now.

You’ll never gonna die of no facebook.

[Forever] Alone

This meme is amusing to me as much as this is starting to be relevant to me. I am a homebody and I like to read. So mainly my life consists of excessive “me” time and rare dates with my girl friends which I am lucky enough to have.
I have friends who I can ask for company if I wish but I don’t ask them out because I’d rather do my thing alone.


Mantra: “This is not happening to me.” Repeat mantra

Now that I promised myself I’d to stuff I usually don’t do, which includes going out- and LOTS of going out, I can’t invite anyone to go with me. That last sentence fucked me up to mortification. The ones that I CAN invite are busy-bees and has no interest in what I like and I don’t want to trouble them with me flailing my extremities in front of their bored faces. (lol sorry friends I’m just stressing a point) Although I could choose a different activity to go to, I’d rather not go because I’m sulking to my own depression.

Maybe I am overreacting now because last weekend was a no-Paramore Night weekend for me, and this Saturday is a no-show for Becca Fitzpatrick’s book signing. 

Denying shame for myself is the only bond that glues me from not crying.

PS my best friend has a lot of going on with her life I don’t wanna trouble her with my immature invitations. 

I eventually went to Becca Fitzpatrick’s book signing and it was a-ah-awesome ♥