Why Carrie Bradshaw Needs a Slap

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Carrie_Bradshaw-bio11001 Yes, a slap is needed…

As a teenager I loved Sex and The City. Living in Bolton (near Manchester in the UK) at the time was the polar opposite of the amazing lives of these four women and I desperately wanted to live in New York, wear fabulous clothes, drink cocktails and have a group of wonderful friends to share it all with.

However, as an adult, my opinion of Carrie and her escapades have completely changed. Before I continue, I realise that I’m discussing a fictional character that hasn’t been on our screens now for years, which may seem silly, but I really think that Carrie Bradshaw needs a slap. Why? Two words: Mr. Big.

Let’s ignore her ridiculous dress sense and her obsession with over-priced shoes. Let’s ignore her needy, ungrateful mentality (oh no, I have a brilliant job, a wonderful social life and I live in…

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Lessons in Feminism, From my Father.

I do not want to make a duplicate reblog blogsite but this one is notable. I have been advoacting the importance of women in our society because it still has this crazy prejudice of what women are and what they can be. I couldn’t say I am a feminist because I still believe in gender roles and the diversity of it but I couldn’t stress the limiting factor that it gives. I am actually happy that the author’s father is the “advocate” here. It gives more encouragement when the men believes in the capacity of women. And that itself is liberating.

path: ethic.

I remember one time, my parents and I were travelling in the car on the way home from somewhere. I remember travelling in the car with them a lot, when I was young. We lived on a farm, so even going to the local town meant a good 45 minutes in the car. So obviously, to pass the time, we often talked together. One of the interesting things about my memories of these conversations is how many of them were about ideas. We didn’t really talk about what was happening on the farm or at school. We talked about more abstract concepts.

On this particular occasion, Dad was talking about church, and mentioned something he’d said in a sermon. ‘Could I give sermons when I grow up?’ I asked him. ‘Could I be a priest?’

It was the mid-80s. We were Anglican Church-goers, and the idea of women in the…

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