On Feeding on Productivity & Other Life Hacks



“What can make my life easier?” “How can I hack my way in studying this material?” “How can I spend less time in doing this?” “IS THERE A WAY THAT I CAN SKIP THROUGH SOME THINGS TO GET THIS DONE?”

As a result, I spend hours and hours on internet articles and blog posts about “life hacking” that instead of spending *that time frame* on actually working on my goals for the day, I am “thoughtfully” browsing  the internet for random articles.

As Youtube Icon FightMediocrity has said, “It’s like telling your engineer to not worry about the foundation of the building and ask him WHERE CAN WE FIND THE MAGIC BRICKS THAT WILL FLOAT IN THE AIR?”

Everything requires a PROCEDURE. It takes time to do something. The more complicated, the more exquisite the outcome you expect something to be, the LONGER the time it SHALL require to accomplish it. Instill that in your mind next time you ATTEMPT to find a “hack” to make things simpler for your lazy ass.