Some Habits of Happy Couples | PositiveMed

I was browsing through positivemed from Lemon Water Benefits to How To Prevent Your Boobs Sagging (it’s interesting), I stumbled upon this:

Some Habits of Happy Couples

Funny thing about it is that a single remarkable line struck me like lightning. “Its not only about approaching the other, but being approachable as well, trying consciously not to build walls.

Well that is one thing I am good at and terribly failed my relationships. (Sorry guys :s) I think the only people I am truly open to are my parents, my best friend, and a close knit HS friend. I have always been grateful for them but when I think about it now, I am responsible for keeping them “happy” too. The relationship we have takes conscious effort to keep them happy.

Well, I should engrave this to my mind when the good guy comes around. ♥






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