Kawasaki Flower Origami

Kawasaki Rose Origami

Before I proceed, this is not a tutorial on how to make this origami rose/ flower.


Much to my regret, and no matter how many times I try to make ANY decent origami, no amount of (lazy) practice can make my hand produce such kind of handiwork. My office-mate has been giving me this origami rose. At first I thought this was an ordinary paper-fold, but then he told me to “blow” on it and EUREKA! What a gem! It swirls as you blow on it. I can’t believe just how amazing this origami is. I keep them on a box to protect them from flattening. Once they’ve flatten, they can’t swirl no matter how hard you blow on them. When I feel bad I just stare at them swirling and somehow everything goes calm inside. I had to learn this for myself.


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