[Forever] Alone

This meme is amusing to me as much as this is starting to be relevant to me. I am a homebody and I like to read. So mainly my life consists of excessive “me” time and rare dates with my girl friends which I am lucky enough to have.
I have friends who I can ask for company if I wish but I don’t ask them out because I’d rather do my thing alone.


Mantra: “This is not happening to me.” Repeat mantra

Now that I promised myself I’d to stuff I usually don’t do, which includes going out- and LOTS of going out, I can’t invite anyone to go with me. That last sentence fucked me up to mortification. The ones that I CAN invite are busy-bees and has no interest in what I like and I don’t want to trouble them with me flailing my extremities in front of their bored faces. (lol sorry friends I’m just stressing a point) Although I could choose a different activity to go to, I’d rather not go because I’m sulking to my own depression.

Maybe I am overreacting now because last weekend was a no-Paramore Night weekend for me, and this Saturday is a no-show for Becca Fitzpatrick’s book signing. 

Denying shame for myself is the only bond that glues me from not crying.

PS my best friend has a lot of going on with her life I don’t wanna trouble her with my immature invitations. 

I eventually went to Becca Fitzpatrick’s book signing and it was a-ah-awesome ♥


2 thoughts on “[Forever] Alone

  1. Haha oh my gosh, I have the same problem as you do. My friends are all busy with their studies and part-time jobs and here I am, just lounging around the house, having excessive “me time” as you’d put it 😉 I’d like to think I’m making full use of my time at home, because I enjoy being at home, but like you, I feel like I should get out more too. Ah, such a conflicting feeling.


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