Mean Girls: A Feminist Manifesto?

Paula vs Patriarchy

In honour of the official day of Mean Girls, last week’s October 3rd, I thought I would reflect on the infinite wisdom that this iconic (yes, iconic) movie passed onto us in our most impressionable years.

1. Girls have got to stick together.


Gretchen’s insight might just be as big as her hair. Well no, but she certainly hit the mark on this one.

Women need each other to succeed in this world. Without loyalty and support from fellow females, the current paradigm can toss us aside without a second thought.

And besides, it is just so not cool when your friend dates your ex.

2. We need to lead by example.


In my first post I discussed how detrimental it is when people let misogynistic comments slide. In the same vein, Tina (what a gem) explains just how harmful it is when people perpetuate these expressions…

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