Paramore Night: Invitation

Paramore Night: Invitation

I think I haven’t mentioned that I breathe Paramore, have I? But I am actually on hiatus with the Paramroe Philippines community and I don’t go to band nights. (I have my excuses, not gonna enumerate them) This time I really wanted to go but I don’t have anyone with me. I know, we ough to be independent but I am geographically dysfunctional. I get lost (I usually come home in one piece but it takes undue time and stress) and ugh it’s so frustrating. Also, I’ve been so band gigs and it’s not fun to *feel* alone there. It sucks coz they feel popular and stuff and they’re the only people you know and they won’t be able to talk to you because they’re popular (loljk they’re busy, they’re popular, they’re feeling popular, IDK). ERGO, I need a real-life buddy.

Unforutantely for me my dude friends are unavailable. (They’re the REAL busy ones) My bestfriend are having some personal issues I can’t talk to her properly. Aaaaand my workmates aren’t really cool with bands.

So if you’re reading this and you are a fully functional, normal, not-psycho person, tell me if you’re coming so we could talk.

*Actually thinking if I’d come. Forever Alone.*


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