Before Team Building: A Commute Ride With My Dad

My dad is supposed to go to Makati today for his check-up and coincendentallly, I also have a team building today so he suggested he’d accompany me on my way to the meeting place and he’d just go to Makati afterwards.

During the ride, he was talking about scientists and philosphers and how amazing they are. I don’t know how we got there when we’re just talking about my board exam.

I guess I’m very lukcy to have him as my dad. Albeit having fights with him the past years.

Upon arriving, he realized his phone slipped from his pocket and left it at the cabbie.

I felt a peculiar sad feeling.

My dad never leaves/forgets something. He’s always so sharp. So he’s definitely aging. I’m not ready for that yet. But he had always been preparing me for the cold world. I think he’s/(they’ve) done a good job on that.

Also, I felt sad coz I can’t contat him for the whole day. I can’t update him on what’s happening on my end and vice versa.

I have to buy him a new phone.


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