Kayle’s Despidida Pig-Out

Kayle's Despidida Pig-Out

Today is supposedly the last word day of Kayle in our company but then she retracted her resignation because we kind of persuaded her to stay(D’aaahhwww the power of friendships and pecuniary benefits). Prior to her retraction she, of course, wanted to spend time with us and we decided to eat together for lunch; her treat!

It’s a chinese eat-all-you-can shabu-shabu restaurant. We had fun cooking our own food although we know we would regret frying all the raw food in butter. It left a gruesome after-taste in my buds. Good thing they also offer pastries and lovely desserts that I over-indulged myself in. All in all I think I shouldn’t be going back to an eat-all-you-can restaurant. I feel guilty for some children starving on the streets.

*Despidida – Spanish word for farewell


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