Spent Monday

Start of the work week and I feel so spent.

I think I wasted my 2-day weekend rest for non-productive activity which indulging in TOO MUCH sleep, and TOO MUCH sci-fi movies that I feel my brain got fried or something.

I exchanged it for not going to chruch (I thought I will complete my year of going to church every Sunday and I just blew that off. 😦 )

I also did not exercise for the whole damn week except one time that I did cardio which lasted for about 20 minutes.

I also did not STUDY this weekend. I did not even read Jane Eyre.

I feel my weekend was so mundane my supernatural self is revolting.

Although I extremely enjoyed watching a back to back of Pacific Rim (really pacific rim is unf) and Star Trek Into Darkness that may have sparked an interest for science fiction. I think my overindulgence for movies (or the potential of its reality in my mind) led to my intermittent headaches.

Also, I can’t get I, Franestein out of my head. It’s so epic that it makes me want to read Mary Shelley’s book. But I think I wouldn’t because I do not want to kill myself and bury all the other books I started reading a month ago. 😦

I am bursting of inspiration but I can’t paint on any canvas, it makes my brain bleed.


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