Research BS

I’ve been doing some research on how to’s of relationships. I jumped from one topic from another and after some significant amount of information, I told myself I’m reading bullshit. It may help people (girls especially) in trying to “decode” what is really happening in a relationship, but what CAN really really help us is just asking your partner about the ‘deal’. If your parner doesn’t respond in a dignified, respectful way, then I think you have the answer right there.

But in reality, I am doing this because I don’t wanna confront. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a phobe or anything but the other party just doesn’t give me enough confidence to confront it with him. Not that it’s his solely responsisble for my confidence but I think we don’t have enough foundation to hold on to.


I guess this is the reason I can’t let go. i wanna resolve things. But as I see it, it’s something resolvable. Leave it as it is and move the fuck on.


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