A Book Recommendation: Fifty Shades of Grey

Idling is an everyday affair for me at work. Don’t get me wrong, I  am not neglecting my work, rather I just don’t have anything much to work with. And in those times when I don’t do much, I read. My seatmate is a very nice person. We chat a lot and I’m not gonna tell you about what :p She’s so intrigued by me and keeps asking why I read so damn much and why can’t I just watch the movie adaptation of the books and I kept telling her that it’s not the same and we just can’t disagree more. She’s the movie person. When I get home, I and spend hours of reading, she spend hours AND hours of watching  movies. She actually lent me DVDs!

Getting back to intrigue, (I really need to learn how to use transition phrases for writing) she asked me what book I can recommend for her to read. Of course, I went on this full litany of what-to-reads and what amazing books are bombs (at least according to me), telling her how accomplished I am as person for influencing her with books when she asked me if Fifty Shades of Grey is a good read.

 I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey earlier this year and I must admit shamefullythat I’ve re-read the book for 3 times, I think. At the time she asked me, I still haven’t read this review of FSOG and I told her it’s a good book.

*1 I’m not being a woman-sanctified here but all I’m saying is that I read this without using my healthy brain and ignored all the debasement shit and all that “if only I can discover the dark side of you and prove that I can still accept you, you’ll definitely love me back” shit, that I think most women dream of. And this is just a normal contemporary romance fiction. I’m not closed to the proposition of BDSM though……..

While I am oggling at the promise of brevity of Jane Eyre, my seatmate erupts like,

“Lizbeth, what the F is this” ..

“I don’t understand why she’s letting him do this to her” .. “



” !!!!!! “

It’s amusing.

And of course I’m all like… 


Although I could have given her a different book and come out more satisfied with the influence I gave her, I’m still happy she’s reading a book albeit her protests of Christian Grey’s sexuality.


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