Asylum – Madeleine Roux

Last time, I share how Asylum caught my attention in the bookstore and how badly I recommnded it to my friend, Mikel Ferry. he finished it before I did and he told me we could talk about it once I’m finished. He said it was “ok” but I am dead ashamed to my bones for recommending it to another person.

The book was a grade-schooler! (-_____-)”

I finished the book because I did npot want to regret the time I had spent reading this book. Also because I just wanted to finish it so bad I skimmed most of the story. I mean, it would make any difference. Characters are under-developed, conflicts come out of nowhere and soved out of nowhere. There is much confusion with who’s associated with who and characters just happen to spin around on air.

The photgraphs may be a salvaging factor for this book but it wouldn’t make up for this prose. I cannot believe it has a sequel.

*but of course, since the author had this published, that must account for something*


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