Weird Books

Last saturday, I told myself I’d have to stay inside a bookstore and browse for books that I don’t usually find in goodreads. Not that goodreads is insufficient, I just don’t browse enough to find “good, new” ones.
So I was there for 30 minutes (coz I was suppposed to see a movie with someone then so I went and checked for movie schedules) and I saw various books, from YA to microwave baked cakes. What caught my attention was these two books:Image.

1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Well, I’ve been seeing Miss Peregrine’s in goodreads and I thought it’s just an OK book. so I didn’t really paid any more attention. It turned out to be the exact book I want to read because I want to read books from a genre I’ve never actually considered before- horror/ thriller.



2. Asylum

What ACTUALLY made me stay for 15mins was this book. I mean, it’s so mysterious and overall creepy. But I read bad reviews regarding this book. But before I have a concluded prejudice about this, I stopped reading reviews. I’ll just have to rate it myself.


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