Catching Fire, Catching Up

Last saturday was one of the most fascinating expeiriences of my life. But before I go on, let me tell you that this does not include out of town trips, and is not a major vacation of some sort. Just me having a movie date with my lovely EDF, Joy Krisia Mae.

So I don’t know how many times I blogged about our friendship. (Yeah, that’s how proud I am of us. Lol) We see each other almost every after a few months. We don’t live that far apart but it’s a lot of miles still. Occassionally when I’m not busy, I go to her house and just chill there. We don’t have much to do but fan girl and gossip (oops!)

Of course being a mockingjay and all, we watched Catching Fire. From work to doctor’s appointment to movie date all transitioning w/o sleep, I am immortal. (just kidding)

After the movie, we just lurked around Megamall all the while making fun of our intentionally-twisted grammar and my paranoia with the doctor.

Couldn’t say much because all was blabber-girl thing but we were very happy. I feel like I can be whoever I wanna be. Now that sounds gay. All my bestfriend posts sound gay.

Who says being vulnerable is such a bad thing?

*So I’m thinking if I can be bestfriends with my (future) boyfriend as well. IDK. Maybe not. But I hope we’ll be. 😀


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