Absolute Engagement Program

OK This is weird because I am not a fitness fan or whatever. I just realized my need to be active. Occassionally, I run (or walk). Nothing serious, I do it because I feel like it, not because I am dedicated into doing it. Consequently, there hasn’t been any significant effect on me (aaack~). 

But with the recent PMS that I had, I decided (lol making decisions are intense) to make a health routine. I thought PMS was some pathetic monthly excuse that women use to be bitchy and demanding but in fact, *it can be a serious medical condition. Of course for the longest time I have wanted to do this but I lacked the “why” for it. I wouldn’t want to experience the P for a second time. No, na-uh. So I made appointments with my lady doctor (she is cool btw) and I found out that regular exercise can alleviate the pain of being a female. :p

I have this CD of HipHopAbs *shrug* and the whole workout plan is called Absolute Engagement Program (it sounded psychological program to me at first lol) OMG how much body ache can I endure afterwards! But it is amazing because it involves the whole body and is finished within 20-30 minutes. I still run after I doing this workout but I think I’ll do just fine without the running from now on. Or not because running helps for breathing properly. 

Can I commend myself for finishing the 24-minute routine without substantial breaks?
*There are different kinds of monthly female ailments and PMS is just one of them.


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