Personal Integrity Bank

I’m not gonna rant about my work status, I’m over it. Good thing I did not put so much thought into it to the point of creating a blog entry and I’m proud of it. :p I’m actually very blessed with my work right now. The company, the people that I work with, the workload… all of it is just a blessing. (Lol talk about an hour of avail time) But so much about work…
This entry is about personal integrity bank.

So while I was (stationary) running, instead of the usual playlist of songs that I listen to while I’m at it, I decided to play the inspirational talks that I have from Bo Sanchez. (You can download his talks and other inspirational stuff from for free) The talk that I played was entitled ‘Binding The Strongman’. The one thing that was discussed was personal integrity bank. So when a person decided to do something habitually and actually DOES the decision, he makes a ‘deposit’ to his integrity bank. Adversely, when a person fails to do his (supposedly habitual) decision, he makes a ‘withdrawal’ to his personal integrity bank. The point is, when you do something you decided to do, it makes you happy because you’ve done a personal goal. What struck me was the realization that the only enemy we have is ourselves and it’s up to us how we make our ‘personal integirty account’ grow. So the speaker said to start with small things and keeping this blog is one of the so few things I have for a start. It’s also a way of obliging my mind to wander coherently. Happy banking! 😉


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