The Cycle of Being A Victim

Our society thrives in broken people who creates more broken people.

At first, you can’t help but agree on this because it’s so natural that people get hurt. You may have hurt someone consciously or subconscisouly, or you may have been a victim. For most people, they remain a victim.

I think people are better than that. We can get over the hurt, heal ourselves and realize that it won’t help anyone if we “take revenge” on other people.

Personally, I am on the process of putting pieces back (lol that was dramatic) and it’s a sight that I wouldn’t want to see, if given a chance. All I know at this point is that I do not want to remain a victim, and I don’t want to create a unique species of broken people. So I’m trying hard to get past this stage and learn from my mistakes, otherwise it’s gonna reincarnate itself.



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