Ningas Cogon

I have this Ningas Cogon personality. I excel at the beginning, I mean I most of the times excel in what ever I do ,no bragging. For example: blogging. I have multiple sites lurking around the interwebs and all abandoned. I have hobbies and interests that I did not continue or I still plan to continue but for the unforeseeable future. Things I have started but have not finished. I even had this volunteer writing job that I did not pursue just because… FOr the most part, though, I perform well just because I had to do it (school/work)

Commitment and discipline. Oh shoot. If it only comes free for everybody, but that wouldn’t amount to anything if thaa was the case, right? 🙂 This trait is one big area of improvement for me. I’d just think of it as trying to form a good habit. I’m hopeful I can do it.


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