Vanity Shots 11/3/2013 Style


One of the series of photos I’ve taken earlier this day. I just bought a make-up set yesterday. Originally, I only planned to buy a lipstick. The natural looking lipstick because I think red lipstick is too overrated to wear everyday @ work. Also, I want to replace my nude lipstick. Apparently, the sales lady upsold me and I bought a whole set of make-up. :)) Quite amusing though because, well, I did not regret buying all those things. And besides, I went shopping with Krisha Aimon that day after finishing the decoration for our team board. We slept at the quarters until the opening of SM Megamall. LOL people we’re rushing towards the department store and we be like “dude where are the zombies?” 😀

Anyway, it was also the birthday of my Ever Dearest Friend, and unfortunately we didn’t meet that day. I’m just hoping we see each other soon. ♥


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