Soulful Birthday


As it so happens, my best friend’s birthday is on November 2- All Soul’s Day. I find it amusing because it’s very peculiar. Anyway, I think we’ve been best friends for 5 years now. We don’t have the girly type of best friendship, we’re more like the odd children that plays with their chopsticks and get very very happy about doing that. I’m proud of her and I’m happy that I met someone like her. I know a lot of other people can say that they’re lucky to have met someone like her in their lives. She’s very open-minded and I think I got infected with a little bit of her patience and understanding. We don’t talk much actually, she and I. But we have those meaningful conversations most often than not (you know, when I don’t have another interesting gossip to tell her :p) I hope I am doing the same for her, I strive to without trying so hard because nurturing good friendships come naturally. When I think about how blessed I am for having a friend like her, I can’t help but pray for every other person that they’d have a best friend that will support and encourage them just like my own. Everyone deserves to have a solid friend to stand by them, just make sure to be one as well. 😀


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